Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Noone is committed to conducting business ethically and responsibly. We understand that sustainable success is achieved through responsible business practices that prioritise people and planet alongside profit. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are guided by our commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, ethical governance and stakeholder engagement. 

Ethical sourcing & manufacturing

Ethical sourcing is central to our business ethos. 

We are dedicated to ensuring that our products and raw materials are sourced responsibly, with a focus on fair labour conditions and the well-being of workers. This commitment includes upholding human rights, fair wages, and safe working environments across our supply chain partners in Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China. Noone is a SEDEX member ensuring compliance with international ethical standards and has Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation.

By prioritising ethical sourcing, we strive to promote social justice, support sustainable livelihoods, and contribute to a fairer global economy.

Our commitment to ethical sourcing reflects our responsibility to both our stakeholders and the communities affected by our operations.

Our environmental footprint

Through sustainable clothing practices, we aim to create
a healthier planet for current and future generations.

We are committed to using natural fibres like wool and cotton, as well as recycled fabrics in our uniform ranges. By prioritising eco-friendly materials, minimising waste, and embracing ethical manufacturing processes, we strive to reduce our environmental impact. 

Our commitment includes promoting circular fashion practices like recycling and up cycling to extend the lifespan of school uniforms and minimise textile waste. Additionally, we are actively reducing packaging materials in all products through efficient packaging design and the use of recyclable or biodegradable materials.

Modern slavery act

Noone adheres to the Modern Slavery Act 2018, maintaining a zero tolerance policy towards modern slavery. We are dedicated to preventing and eliminating modern slavery, ensuring our supply partners adhere to internationally recognised social compliance standards promoting safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing.

Our accreditations guarantee compliance with global standards, encompassing fair wages, health and safety, workloads, and minimum working age. We are unwavering in our commitment to safeguard the dignity and rights of all individuals, striving relentlessly to eradicate modern slavery in all its forms.

Keeping Children Safe

At Noone, we are deeply committed to safeguarding the well-being and rights of children. We prioritise establishing and maintaining a child-safe and child-friendly environment where every child is treated with respect and protected from harm.

The welfare of children and young people is our utmost priority, and we maintain a zero-tolerance stance on child abuse. All our staff hold registered “Working With Children Check” certifications and fully endorse our Child Protection Policy.

Commitment to our community

We’re deeply committed to our community—school partners, customers, and staff. Recognising the importance of quality products and exceptional service, our dedication goes beyond uniforms to fostering belonging and pride. We actively engage with students, parents, and educators, striving for collaboration, transparency, and continuous improvement to support our community and create an inclusive, supportive environment for our staff.

Noone Accreditations & Certifications

Our corporate accreditations demonstrates Noone’s commitment to delivering quality products
and services ethically and responsibly with transparency and integrity.

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